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With our penchant for innovation and solving challenges, over the years we became a repository of technical knowledge and abilities for it’s applications.

Recognising our competence, customers from sugar and other industries started approaching us for helping them solve a range of diverse issues, needs and challenges, across operations and technology areas.

Coupled with our execution skills, we took up such assignments and succeeded serially, soon seeing it become an additional business line for us

We call it our TECHNICAL SERVICES BUSINESS which mainly offers -


With our years of deep knowledge about processes, functioning and performance drivers, we designed and developed boiling house equipments for our customers with smart automations delivering unmatched economy by optimising steam consumption and thereby saving CASH.

As such, for expansion projects customers have a compelling case to choose our boiling house equipments and performance elevating solutions.

Our designs and solutions deploy an ingenious mix of modern -

Technologies: Low head vacuum pan | Falling film evaporators | vertical continuous crystallisers | batch and continuous vacuum pans | dynamic juice heaters.

Heat recovery systems: Cigars | Condensate Recovery system | Direct Juice heaters | Condensate Juice heater | Vapour line juice heater


Our customers entrust us with the responsibility to help them improve efficiencies of existing boiling house equipments. We deliver remarkable improvements by implementing appropriate modifications and enhancements to existing equipments. These are in accordance to customised solutions worked out by our team of experts who conduct detailed study and analysis of existing set up at our customers’ factories.

Efficiency improvement assignments undertaken by us include, but not limited to, such parameters as Output, Productivity, Process Yield, Consumption of Steam, Energy, Water.


Our abilities to conceptualise, evaluate, design and structure new projects, is leveraged by customers in the sugar and other industries for their own new projects. Scope of work we undertake include wide range of expert jobs such as designing process, engineering, automation, procurement etc

Apart for new projects we undertake similar expert jobs for expansions with improved performances as also modernisation of existing plants. Some of these notable expert jobs include.

Precise estimations | Mass and Energy balancing | Simulations and Optimisations | Designing/ Selecting equipments | Inducting automation


Our long experience in executing large number of projects over the last 28 years in India and abroad, honed the knowledge and expertise of our team. They are apt at carefully and comprehensively planning projects, executing without re work, time and cost over runs.

Appreciating quality of work done by our team, customers from Sugar and also other industries place, planning and management work of their various other projects with us.

Developing complete comprehensive solutions for our customers and following project management systems of international standards, we responsibly and economically execute these.

key characteristics of our work: Data Collection and Analysis | Process design, engineering and automation | Project planning and scheduling | Lining up human resources | executing progressively | Special softwares for monitoring and controlling | trouble shooting and fixing | shifting to auto mode after stabilising cruising rate (sugar industry) | Gathering and analysing and achieving intended parameters after commissioning


Our customers from Sugar and also other industries, looking at high quality and precision of equipments manufactured by us, prefer to get their other equipments as well built by us

We happily accept orders from our customers for manufacturing/fabricating mid to large, simple to complex, equipments for them.

Our modern well equipped manufacturing plants have certified quality management systems. These plants of ours have over the years, successfully delivered several equipments, sub assemblies, accessories ordered by chemical plants, white sugar plants, raw sugar plants, refineries, distilleries etc


Our commitment to our customers forms the foundation for these services offered by us.

We remain available to be engaged by our customers, even beyond warranty periods, to extend all the needed services and support ensuring long life efficient usage of equipments supplied by us.

Our dedicated services to our customers, has earned us life long relationships with them.

Going beyond, we proactively share with our customers, latest updations and enhancements in technology and performances, propose economical adoptions and help them execute.

Range of services we deliver cover - Supplying spares and accessories | Overhauling and modifications | Inspection and repairs | Training and development | Technology upgradation | Technical support | Trouble shooting and fixing

We proudly and passionately attend to queries and requirements conveyed by our customers

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Indiana Sucro - Tech (Pune) Pvt. Ltd. (ISTPPL) is a leading company in the field of sugar machinery manufacturing, particularly process equipments.